Privacy policy

Cookies are small text files sent by a web server and stored on users’ computers or other mobile devices (temporarily or permanently) when they visit a website. Cookies are used to determine the identity of devices, not their users. They make it easier to navigate the site and take various actions by the user, while allowing the website to be displayed according to the user’s individual preferences. If you disable them, the site may not work properly or you may not have access to certain features. Our website uses cookies for analytics. This type of cookie is used to collect data related to the use of the website, including information about the content you viewed while visiting the site. Deleting cookies Each type of browser offers the ability to delete or block cookies. To do this, use the “Privacy” tab in your browser settings. The location of your cookie settings may vary depending on the web browser you are using. For detailed information on this, please refer to the help file in your browser, or contact the provider of the software you are using.